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Rob a Waldorf scooter store

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A man and a boy were arrested Monday after trying to rob a Waldorf scooter store and leading police on a brief chase on Route 301, authorities said.Elliott M. Knox Jr., 21, and a 15-year-old boy from Severn face burglary charges in connection with the incident, which police said might have been an effort to nab products to sell to holiday shoppers. In breaking the front door at Scooter Express on Park Waldorf Lane, the pair triggered the alarm and fled.

"They did not get anything," said Diane Richardson, a spokeswoman for the Charles County Sheriff's Office. "I guess they didn't anticipate the alarm."

Nor did they anticipate that a detective would be working an off-duty patrol assignment at a nearby shopping plaza. David Gross said he heard on his radio that an alarm had gone off at the scooter store. Seconds later, he saw a sport-utility vehicle and a U-Haul truck pull into a gas station across the street from where he was.

"I'm like, 'Eh, something doesn't look right here,' " Gross said.

He watched as men from the U-Haul and the SUV sat at the station but didn't buy gas. One of them, he said, picked up a pay phone but did not make a call. Gross said he tried to pull the U-Haul over when it left the station going north on Route 301.

But the driver didn't stop, even after pulling into the parking lot at the Waldorf Jaycees community center.

"I just turned my lights on, and then they accelerated," Gross said.

As the U-Haul picked up speed in the parking lot, both doors flung open, and two people jumped out, Gross said. The truck jumped concrete dividers between parking spots and came within 25 feet of the Jaycees building before another officer, Katlin Goddard, jumped in and hit the brakes.

While Goddard stopped the truck, Gross got out of his car and chased the boy, he said. Knox was found a short time later by a police dog, who had picked up a scent from a skull cap in the truck, Gross said. Efforts to locate a lawyer or family members for Knox were unsuccessful. He has no fixed address, police said.

Police said they found evidence linking the pair to the burglary, but they would not elaborate. They also found a small amount of marijuana, Richardson said. The SUV continued north on Route 301 after the U-Haul pulled off, Gross said. He said police were trying to find the owner.


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