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The scooter revolution

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A couple suggestions to make Chicago a scooter-friendly place:

We should start designating parking lots/spaces around Chicago for just scooters. They should be cheaper to park than cars. There should be some sort of tax break/incentive for buying a scooter. Somehow, we should designate a lane on the highways for scooters.

The scooter revolution is coming to America, there is no doubt about that, Chicago should step up and welcome it.

The City would never be that proactive. In addition to dedicated parking spaces, scooter drivers also need something to lock their "bikes" to and more bicycle locking stations, too.

But as I said, the City would never be that proactive. The City Council is much too reactive. We have to wait until there's a rash of scooter thefts before they'll do anything about it.

The benefits to riding a scooter come in the form of lower fuel and vehicle costs. But if you want to give scooter owners a tax break, why not walkers, bicyclists, skateboarders, ect? Better to make all modes face true costs of their modes, than to attempt to single out one mode for subsidy


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