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Vetric motor scooter say no to fuel....

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Every electric scooter have seen seems to look like a child's bike and crawls about five miles at a similar speed with cyclist whizzing past.

The Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter offers a level of superior technology, total comfort and is richly endowed with special features and accessories.Vectrix motor scooter is adding a new innovative 100% electric motor scooter, zero emission transportation solution. Vetric Motor Scooter availables in two version : Vetric motor scooter 2 wheelercand Vetric motor scooter 3 wheeler.

Vetric motor scooter also ideal for fleet and commercial applications.

* Top speed of 62 mph
* Lithium Batteries
* 35-55 mile range on a single charge
* Minimal maintenance (no oil to change or filters to replace)
* Plugs into any standard outlet
* Twist throttle for regenerative braking
* 0-50 mph in 5.2 sec
* 475 lbs weight
* Zero emissions and virtually silent
* Long battery life (up to 7 years or 30,000 miles)
* 2 year parts and labor warranty
* Slow speed reverse for easy maneuvering
* Low running cost (1 cent per mile)

Vetric Motor Scooter Full Specifications

Max Speed 62 mph / 100 km/h
Acceleration 0-50 mph (80 km/h) - 6.8 seconds
Range 35-55 miles (55-90 km)
Braking Patented multi-function throttle (DAaRT™) provides regenerative braking and slow-speed reverse
Front and rear Brembo disc brakes
Tires Pirelli: GTS23 120/70-14 (Front) and GTRS23 140/60 13 (Rear)
Fork Marzocchi Telescopic Fork
Suspension Sachs Twin Shocks

Battery Type Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Rated Battery Capacity 30 Ah, 3.7 kW-h
Rated Battery Voltage 125V
Charger 1.5kW on-board battery charger
Recharge Requirements 110V-220V (50/60Hz)
Recharge Time 2 and a half hours (80% charge)
Battery Discharge Cycles 1,700 (80% charge)
Estimated Battery Life 10 years or 50,000 miles / 80,000 km

Motor & Gearbox
Motor Type Brushless DC, radial air-gap motor
Peak Power 20 kW peak power at 3000 rpm
Max Current 275 Amps
Max Torque 65 Nm
Gearbox Integrated rear-wheel mounted planetary gear drive

Controller DSP & IGBT based all-digital electronic control and motor drive system
Instrumentation LCD’s display speed, odometer, battery state of charge, fuel gauge, estimated range, and system status

Weight 500 lbs (227 kg)
Wheelbase 60" (1525 mm)
Seat Height 31.5" (800 mm)
Wheels Front - 14"
Rear - 13"
Storage Capacity Under seat storage for a full-faced helmet
Glove compartment

Frame Lightweight aluminum frame
Warranty 24 months
Emissions Zero


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