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Glasgow And Scotish Motor Scooter news

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Glasgow Airport Police Unit Motor Scooter

Glasgow Airport Police Unit have launched a bid to reduce their carbon footprint with the introduction of an electric scooter to their fleet.

Strathclyde Police are the first in the UK to purchase such a scooter. The machine has no carbon emissions, making it environmentally-friendly, and reaches speeds of up to 62mph.

The Vectrix scooter just needs to be plugged in to charge and will be used by officers to control traffic around Glasgow Airport. The Vectrix electric scooter has no emissions whatsoever and works by plugging into a 13amp plug.

Motor scooter scottish version.

The Scottish version of the folding scooter has taken the world by storm – selling more than 700,000 since its launch four years ago.

Already available in the UK, Denmark, Australia and Canada – where it has also scooped a top industry accolade at the country's national toy fair – the scooter is set to be patented in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Russia. The Flashing Storm scooter is now the proud holder of the best children's outdoor product title, handed out by the British Association of Toy Retailers.

Flashing Storm is the brainchild of toy inventor Martin Grossman and is the latest product to come from the stable of toy and novelty maker H Grossman. The company's hitherto best-known creation was a bizarre alien head which gave birth to twins suspended in a placenta-like goo, which became a must-have for youngsters in the late 1990s.


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