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Ends of degree of safety of scooter

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The royal Cayman islands police, which asks service for scooter passengers to guarantee their machines is completely safe, if she will leave unsupervised after a number of thefts over the last two weeks. Since Decembers are 31 sieve motor scooter reported, how stolen police, by which five were recovered. Motor scooter owner will lively to invest in a high speed chain who by the wheel lower surface are more motor scooter fit and a safe article be attached can, that it on to be taken away prevented.

Additionally everyone, to who more scooter for sales for a low price or without the necessary documents one offers, is pushed, to step with its local police station immediately in connection. Into the relation cars are offered to inhabitants also the following crime prevention advice:

  • Don't you leave to motor scooter in located places.
  • During on your characteristic, you keep motor scooter covered or from opinion of the main street out.
  • Lock to motor scooter by the framework to something, that are safe and dismount you wheels, if possible. Do you remove also smaller parts and accessory equipment, which not like crash helmets and lights to become secured to be able.
  • Do you mark your motor scooter by its PO box, therefore it can be easily marked by the police, if it is stolen.
  • Keep a copy of the seriennummer of the motor scooter, a photograph of the motor scooter and the purchase receipt of motor scooter if possible.


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