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The power of Motor Scooters

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What type of motor scooter do you need? Motor scooters offer great gas mileage and are a cheap form of transportation. Today motor scooter manufacturers and motor scooter dealers offer many different models and brands of motor scooters. There are gas powered motor scooters and electric motor scooters.

Gas powered motor scooters have small wheels and a gasoline engine. Motor scooters have come a long way since the old-fashioned foot-powered scooters that date back to 1921. Fast gas scooters are what attracts the public to use gas and not electric. The electric powered motor scooter is much slower and has a shorter travel distance. But remember either gas or electric will serve your needs for cheap transportation. It's your decision. Remember gas powered motor scooters are more powerful and go faster speeds than stand-up folding scooters or electric scooters. With a larger fuel tank added, gas powered motor scooters can travel further distances. Motor scooters may not be permitted in some areas so check your sate DOT scooter laws in your area before purchasing a motor scooter.

Gas scooters all have engines that runs on gasoline. Because of this gas scooters are ideal for highway and traveling over a fairly long distance. The larger the gas tank the more distance you will be able to travel. Gas scooters save you money at the gas pump because of there great gas mileage ranging anywhere from 40 to 80 miles per gallon. Electric scooters are much slower and have a shorter travel distance. Gas scooter engines that start around 50cc can deliver more power and faster speeds and get you where you want to go quicker. This is why the serious scooter enthusiast chooses a gas scooter. When riding gas-powered scooters in public roadways make sure you know your local DOT scooter laws because gas scooters may not be permitted in some areas and also

A gas scooter two stroke engine requires specific oil to a separate holding tank and then the oil is mixed with the gasoline inside the carburetor.
A 2-stroke engine doesn't have valves and is more responsive off the line but louder.

A gas scooter four stroke engine gets greater fuel mileage, low emissions, and no oil to mix with the fuel.
The 4-stroke engine is quieter and delivers a smoother ride for long distance scooter riding comfort.

Either way a gas scooter 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine will offer reliability and performance. When buying any type of high-quality gas scooters do the research. Make sure to buy from reputable gas scooter dealers and research the gas scooter brands. Look closely at the gas scooter warranty.
a scooter permit may be required. Some states do not require insurance if your gas scooter is a 49cc scooter or under.

Electric motor scooters are generally heavier and larger. The extra weight causes them to consume more power and go shorter distances when compared with gas motor scooters or stand-up folding scooters. Average miles are around 10 to 15 miles and then may require a recharge the scooter battery. Electric battery-powered motor scooters are used for short distances around the neighborhood, school campus or store. Motor scooters for the handicapped are called mobility scooters are typically electric.

Are cheap gasoline prices a thing of the past? Well with an electric scooter just plug it in to an electric scooter charger and go! As gas prices rise electric scooters are having more of an interest from the public. They’re practical, easy to park and great for going short distances like a quick run to the store, school or the park. Electric scooter industry experts say sales have doubled compared to a year ago.

The electric scooter enthusiast enjoys the feel freedom that makes everyday commuting fun and easy, most electric scooter models are compact and light enough to be stored under your desk at work. You can recharge the electric scooter battery and save money on gas. Even the more powerful and faster gas scooters like the Vespa can get 50 to 70 miles per gallon or more in the city.


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