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insurance motor scooter - Scooter around town in one

insurance motor scooter - MAIL CITY / OSCAWANA - There was no doubt in the minds of Tom Anderson, when it comes to your business location scooter.

"The heyday of motorcycles was when this building was built," said Anderson, 50, of the 1940s gas station that has been vacant for nearly 15 years in the southwest corner of Howard Avenue and Azeele Street.

The art deco gas station, 401 S. Howard Ave, is located right next to MacDinton and provides the perfect environment for the harvest of the company Anderson, SoHo scooters.

He is in love with the history and evolution of the motorcycles as it is with efficiency, touting the property as a form of social responsibility. Anderson is the store with her twin sister, Coletta, who said he has seen increasingly popular scooters in the Carrollwood neighborhood too.

"They are a lot of fun," he said, "addictive."

Fuel is about 80 to 100 mpg. Prices start at $ 1,200. And face up to 40 mph. Maintenance involves oil changes every 1000 miles, and to the extent that run regularly are relatively easy to maintain. Tyde Gentile, master technician of the store, compared to the attention of something between a bicycle and a riding lawnmower.

Operation is easy - no clutch, no gears. Simply turn the handle and go. Anderson rents scooters for $ 35 for two hours or $ 65 for the day. They come in a variety of colors as well as many accessories.

About 54 percent of riders are women, he said. Bikes come in pink, but it also has a selection that are more like motorcycles or bicycles sport.

"It becomes an extension of the personality of the rider," said Anderson. "The Goths, the mods, the scooter commuter, the chicken scooter. ..."

20 years ago, Anderson opened a personal watercraft, ski Banana Bay Co., along the Courtney Campbell Causeway before joining the corporate world. He sold his business to open the store ATM scooter.

"I thought it was a change," said Anderson, who commute from her home in South Tampa to work on a scooter. "We must move away from our dependence on fossil fuels and find a more socially responsible way of getting from point A to point B."

He said scooters make sense for South Tampa. While not optimal for roads, where competition with automobiles and producing the plan to make a workout of driving less, in the city's roads are perfect, he said.

"It's a great way to experience the neighborhood," Anderson said while crossing the streets around the store. "It's social as well."

Since opening in April, a scooter club has started to gather at the store on Sunday to spend the day exploring the city on two wheels.

Justin Ayan, 27, has owned his scooter for a year. Hyde Park barber said everything that is within five to 10 miles.

"It's perfect," Ayan said, noting that having paid for a vehicle is a good profit. "A scooter is 1000 times more fun than a car journey."

The club, always looking for fun, has grown to about 15 people. Due to popularity, which will soon be starting a website.

"It's one of those things that once you start, you'll get hooked," said Ayan - by


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