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Zapino Motor Scooter

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With warm spring weather here and record gas prices with it, electric vehicle pioneer ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) is reminding people that they can save a lot of money by leaving the car at home and using an electric motor scooter.

And if someone told you that electric motor scooter vehicles were slow, think again. These electric motor scooters have a new secret weapon, a powerful motor scooter technology built into the rear wheel. This motor scooter is so powerful it can win drag races against gas motor scooters, with speed and acceleration that leaves the polluters in their own dust.

ZAP makes several models of electric motor scooters. Its newest motor scooter, the Zapino motor scooter, is a moped-class electric motor scooter vehicle that is getting rave reviews. The Zapino's sporty motor scooter design and elegant style is highly visually attractive, and provides a smoothly exciting experience for drivers.

The Zapino motor scooter features a high-tech wheel-motor rated at 3000 watts. ZAP says this offers customers the most powerful wheel motor available on the motor scooter market today, allowing unprecedented performance. Zapino owners say they are thrilled to enjoy superb power and extended range thanks to this breakthrough technology. Engineers found that motor scooter wheel motors actually squeeze an extra 20-30 percent more efficiency out of the vehicle, allowing it to go much farther than similar motor scooters without wheel motors. In tests, the Zapino motor scooter was found to travel up to 30 miles per charge, varying somewhat upon the rider and road conditions.

The Zapino motor scooter is designed to plug into any normal household outlet and comes with all the features and equipment you would expect in a motor scooter without using gas! Order one today or schedule a test drive at a ZAP dealership near you. Visit Zapino

Motor: 3000W Super efficient brushless hub motor
Max Torque: 120NM/900RPM
Max Speed: about 30 mph
Range: up to 30 miles each charge*
Brake: Rear and front disc
Weight Limit: 280 lbs.
Battery: 60V 38AH Batteries
Net Weight: 297lbs (includes battery)
Optional Upgrade: 60v 40AH Lithium battery; up to 65 mile range
Climbing ability: 25% grade with 177lb rider*
Intelligent Controller and DBI-digital
3000 peak watts, 60 volts
This is the most powerful electric scooter in its class


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