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Super Scooter From Super Chinese Scooter

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Hate the small wheels of a scooter, but love the auto' gearbox? You might find the answer in the Jonway Ranger 150.

Scooters are easier for novices, but their small wheels make their handling inferior to that of "regular" bikes. Enter the Jonway Ranger 125 and 150, with big 16-inch wheels, disc brakes front (with ABS) and rear, and plenty of knee room for tall riders thanks to a 1.5m wheelbase.

More power for small money, the 150cc version we rode for a few days is only R100 more expensive than the 125cc model. As you?re not exactly going to pop an unexpected wheelie on the 150, we recommend that you break the piggy bank and get the bigger one.

It develops 7kW at 7 500 r/min, making it 20% more powerful than the 125, with a claimed top speed of 95km/h over the 125?s claimed 80km/h top whack.

The air-cooled four-stroke motor starts easily, runs quietly and there?s a kick-start lever in case of battery failure. Like most scooters, the Ranger accelerates briskly from rest and holds its speed on most inclines, except the steep ones.

Super Scooter styling and storage make a differents ? The turning signal toggle switch is a little frustrating, as you can accidentally push it too far to cancel the indicator light, selecting the opposite indicator in the process. But the Ranger isn?t the only two-wheeler to suffer from this affliction.

The Ranger?s plastic moulded panels are well-made and properly joined, although the chromed and silver-coloured bits look cheap, especially on the front-end. Plain black plastic will look much more stylish. The instrument panel is neat, except for the cut-out around the odometer that looks quite shabby.

The long, comfortable seat covers a small storage space ? big enough for about six cans of Coke, but not much else. There?s another small ?cubby hole? by your knees. Both compartments are lockable and unlock with the ignition key.


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